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Business Owner Insurance

It is a mistake to think your small business doesn’t need insurance. One small mishap can turn out to be the giant that wrecks your business. You need insurance to protect your business from a number of mishaps.

What Is It?

Business insurance protects your business from a number of mishaps. You will receive financial aid to pay for expenses related to certain events. The goal is to reduce the amount the owner pays out of pocket. And it ensures the company has the financial resources to continue operation. Depending on the coverage details, the possibility of the business failing due to a single mishap is highly unlikely

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How It Works

The process for using business insurance is the same as with much other insurance. When a covered event occurs, you file a claim with the insurance agency. After the claim is investigated and is found to be legitimate, the insurance company will cover some or all of the expenses. There is a deductible involved, so you will have to pay something.

Types Of Coverage

There are a number of protections in this type of insurance policy. One of the most important is liability coverage. If you or an employee causes injury to a client, then the policy will cover the resulting medical and other expenses.

Another important provision is coverage for theft. What would happen if a thief broke into your business and stole computers, servers, and other equipment? The insurance plan would pay for the replacement of the equipment.

Acts of nature are covered as well. If the business building sustains damage from wind, fire, or flooding, then the right plan will pay for repairs. You can even get coverage that will make it possible to meet the payroll while the repairs are being made.

If your business is very small, you might not be able to afford one of the more expensive insurance plans. But check to see what you can afford. It is smart to cover your business, no matter how small.