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Boat Insurance

What Is It?

Boat Insurance provides an ideal peace of mind for lovers of the water who own a boat or recreational watercraft. From the fisherman to the family that enjoys taking their boat out to the lake on the weekends, this policy can give you the protection that allows the fun to continue uninterrupted.

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How It Works

Like insurance for your car or truck, you enjoy the same protection and added benefits that most traditional policies are able to deliver. Insurance of this kind also works in ways that are very similar to other insurance policies. You still make annual payments, and you pay a deductible in order for your coverage to provide its benefits when you make a claim.

Types of Coverage

There are many different types of policies that are available in this general area of insurance as well. While there can be many small differences from one policy to the next, there are some general policies that differ according to the type of boat or recreational vehicle that you are insuring. General watercraft insurance is available, however, you can also get specialized plans that include coverage for jet boats, sailboats, and fishing boats. The policies can vary in their annual payments, depending on the type of boat, its market value, the amount of use it receives, and many other variables.

Major Benefits

You will receive some great added benefits with these policies, depending on the type of coverage that you choose. These special services for watercraft include on-water towing, total-loss replacement, minor damage coverage, and much more.

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