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Fight Against Violence

In communities across the country, individuals experiencing abuse and neglect stay silent. The issue is substantial, but just how bad is it? More than 10 million people are abused each year in the U.S. Thankfully, in our community, Women Against Abuse is on a mission to provide quality, compassionate, and non-judgmental services to end domestic violence through advocacy and community education. To help achieve its ambitious mission, we want to extend our agency’s efforts to assist Women Against Abuse to provide a voice for the voiceless.

Women Against Abuse exists to show these victims they are not just a statistic. Over the years, mentors at the organization have created support and a network of resources designed to develop meaningful relationships that encourage victims of abuse to achieve their personal goals. Since its inception, the noble efforts of this organization have touched the lives of 11,500 adults and children in Philadelphia through direct life-saving services, community education, prevention, and advocacy.

If you’re looking for a chance to help someone in need, now is your chance. For the next three months, our agency encourages members living in our local area to help these individuals in need. This support and network of resources strive to form meaningful relationships that encourage abuse victims to achieve their goals and transform into self-sufficient individuals.

We encourage you to learn more about this organization on your own and help in any way you can. If a donation is not a convenient contribution method, we’ve agreed to donate $25 on your behalf for each person you send our way for a no-obligation insurance quote! So, what do you say? Are you ready to make a difference?

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