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Simon’s Spirit Living On

One of the most terrifying situations to be in as a new parent is to learn that your baby has a serious heart condition. About 40,000 babies are born with some sort of heart defect. Of those, 1 in 4 have congenital heart defects some of which are easily treatable others are more critical. Many of these critical issues do not allow babies to live past their first year of life which was the case for Simon Sudman.

While he was robbed of innocent life, his spirit lives on, reincarnated as a hopeful cause that was born out of this situation called Simon’s Heart. This organization is dedicated to a future in which parents and communities don’t lose children to detectable and treatable heart conditions. They do this by funding research in the field, educating families, providing free student heart screenings, and much more. 

Here at McHugh Insurance, we were moved by baby Simon’s story and wanted to get involved. We encourage you to learn more about this organization on your own and help in any way you can. If a donation is not a convenient method of contribution, we’ve agreed to donate $25 on your behalf for each person you send our way for a no-obligation insurance quote! Help us change the narrative of the issue of children’s heart complications so that families and babies can avoid suffering the same fate that Simon did. 

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