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A Philabundance of Food to Those In Need

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in Philadelphia are struggling with food insecurity and hunger? That’s nearly 20% of our community – our neighbors and friends – that are going hungry in their everyday lives. This staggering percentage is far too high and there must be something done about it.

Philabundance was created in 1984 by Pamela Lawler as an effort to redirect perfectly good food that was previously going to waste and instead help those who were hungry. For over 30 years now, her organization has been a highly resourceful center for organizing and distributing several million pounds of food a year to those who need it most. With the contributions of the community, it is their hope to one-day end hunger not only in Philadelphia but in the world.

Philabundance and McHugh Insurance collectively believe in one main point: that everyone must collaborate in the fight to end hunger. That’s why we’re inviting YOU to join us in this fight by pledging to donate $25 to this resourceful organization for *every* referral that you give us! With each and every friend or family member that you refer to us for a no-obligation quote, our agency will donate $25 on your behalf. So, what do you say? Are you ready to get started in eliminating hunger?

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